We work with some great people.  

“Gail is the most professional, personable and reliable consultant I’ve ever worked with…without question. She was the only person, other than me, who I trusted to work directly with the media, my executive team, our owners, our vendors, our franchisees and our customers. She was instrumental in maintaining momentum in the press for Jenny Craig, during our three greatest years of growth. Not only did she identify relevant news stories – and ensure our coverage in them – she also created compelling results reports and wrote many of our most compelling marketing materials. Gail is extremely motivated and motivating. Her energy is extraordinary and her ability to multi-task is incredible. I very highly recommend Gail to anyone who would like to augment their PR and marketing efforts with someone who needs minimal management, can work at every level of business and meets all deadlines.”


Director, Corporate Communications

* * * 

“Gail is a smart, professional, energetic, congenial and compassionate woman. These characteristics are directly reflected in her work. Gail is well versed in media relations and has an uncanny ability to build and maintain relationships. Her ability to understand and know people is inherent. And an added bonus, Gail has the memory of a computer, is a fabulous teacher and always meets a deadline.”


Corporate Communications and Public Relations Coordinator

 * * *

“I worked with Gail on multiple PR opportunities. She was always prompt in her responses and very clear with deadlines, leading to successful and visible placements of articles and quotes. Gail facilitated each process by providing content for my review and edits, so results were accurate and consistent. Always professional, Gail is a pleasure to work with.”


Director of Nutrition & Program Development

* * * 

“Gail is a creative and energetic partner in PR. She was quick to organize and plan as opportunities arose, but more importantly to my business, she was always finding PR opportunities. She found and created local, regional, and national opportunities for me. I recommend Gail as a PR partner!”


 Owner, VitaCore, dba Jenny Craig



“To all interested, Gail Manginelli has worked editing our magazine (a 160-page quarterly periodical) for the past twelve years. Her work always comes in on time (very important) and her edits make the magazine significantly more professional than it would otherwise appear. We highly endorse her editorial skills and look forward to working together in the future.”




 “Gail worked for me while I was at the Fiesta Resort. Gail is a most creative individual with so many good ideas it is difficult to keep up with her! Gail is a valuable collaborator and has a terrific media network to put her ideas into motion swiftly. She gets her press releases out quickly and accurately and always follows through. If you are working on a public relations initiative, you definitely want Gail on your team!”


 Director of Sales & Marketing


“Gail is a true Pro – she delivers on time and surpasses all expectations. In need periods for the hotel, she arranged timely interviews and articles which produced results on the bottom line.  I would work with Gail anytime!!!”


 Director, Strategic Marketing