about us


   I’ve always loved writing.

       My oldest writing memories date back to my college days.  Term papers were written – and classmates’ papers edited and typed, often late into the night – on an IBM word processor with a then state-of-the-art “white-out” cartridge. 

Since then, we’ve come a long way technologically, but my interest in writing has remained constant.  And fortunately, I was able to take a personal passion and turn it into a very rewarding career.

It all started when the director of corporate communications at my first job out of college asked me to write the company’s internal newsletter.  His confidence in me sparked my confidence in being a writer.  Similar projects at subsequent companies ensued, and by the time I joined Jenny Craig’s marketing department in 1989, I knew writing was something that I was good at and enjoyed doing. 

In 1997, I moved over to Jenny Craig’s PR department, where I remained for the next 14 years – first as an employee, and soon after as a consultant with my own business, GM & Associates.  That position allowed me to do what I loved most – writing press releases, syndicated articles and other internal and external communications – plus gave me the opportunity to learn something new: media relations.  Pitching relevant stories to reporters, and responding to broadcast and print media requests in a timely manner, resulted in valuable media connections and numerous local and national placements for Jenny Craig and my other clients. 

I’ve been privileged to work with some very talented people and wonderful clients throughout my marketing and PR career.  And I’m lucky that I still “do what I love, and love what I do.”

Gail Manginelli